Segment vs Fivetran vs Stitch: Which data ingest should you use?

Data Pipelines and ETL can be ridiculously time consuming. Luckily, data-ingest-as-a-service tools are getting more robust with their pipeline offerings.   We’ve all had this problem: “All of my data is siloed in different apps, and I want to be able to analyze it all in one place. What do I do?”   My favorite

9 Best Startup Analytics Tools to Learn

What are the most desirable analytics tools to learn? Let’s find out. For folks looking to build a career at a startup, I love Wealthfront’s Career Launching Companies List. Wealthfront considers attributes of different organizations that means there is a higher likelihood of landing in a role with upward mobility, and the chance to prove yourself.

How people find out your product is awesome – User Acq 101

User acquisition can seem like a daunting task; heck, even the name is daunting. All “user acquisition” really means, though, is getting people to use your product. A huge part of this is helping potential users find your product. At Speek, we knew that it takes hard work to help people know that we are

Watson Analytics at IBM World of Watson Conference

When I say IBM, you say … cutting edge machine learning? When they sponsored my trip to the 2016 World of Watson conference as a perk of my involvement in the IBM Predictioneers Social Influencer Program, I wasn’t totally sure what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised with how advanced Watson and Watson Analytics

Analytics Jobs at Startups and How to Find Them

Since I started mentoring with Springboard, I’ve been reflecting on how the students might go about finding analytics jobs, and what exactly someone means when they say that they want to find a job with a startup. “Startup” means many things to many people. How big is too big to be considered a startup? There’s

Lean Analytics: The one metric that matters

In a data-driven organization, setting metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) help drive your business forward. While knowing various metrics about your business can help you in different ways, I’m a big proponent of the Lean Analytics concept of One Metric That Matters (OMTM). A savvy entrepreneur (and hopefully, the entire team) will know at

Data driven decisions – 4 ways an analyst can help

As the data person at a small, data-driven company, you can get roped in to measuring things in fields that aren’t your speciality. Sales, marketing, content, UX / product, growth, finance, and more all have measurable aspects that you might be called upon to analyze. This is great for you and the company, since you

5 Presentation Tips for Data Analysts – Data Storytelling

When you’re working in analytics, telling a story can be as important as the actual data behind it. Your analytical insights are only as good as the actions that you can take from them, and persuasive presentations are at the core of convincing business people to act. I realize that sounds cliche, but it’s true.

The Fastest Way to Setup your Data Pipeline – Advanced Startup Analytics – Part 2

I discussed my analytics philosophy in Part 1. In order to follow along, let’s work through connecting all of your data sources together. First, the two sources nearly everyone reading will have: user-tracking analytics, and a production database. Today I’m going to discuss how we’re handling this at OneMonth. The core of the heavy lifting